About Beaufort & Dunham

Open wall shelving can be a wonderful addition to any room. The question more often than not is where do you find shelves like the ones you've earmarked in House & Garden or seen in a traditional French country kitchen on social media?  

Quite often I found myself asking this question while searching for bespoke shelving for refurbishment projects. Pieces that are made to measure and that don't feel mass produced. Well I couldn't find anything, which at the time was a source of intense irritation, so I started making it, and here we are.

Rustic sophistication best describes our natural timber products. All the wooden shelves and peg rails are made by hand from single pieces of 21mm Scandinavian Pine and retain all the natural features of the material. 

Everything is painted by hand, with a brush, not sprayed. The result is that every shelf and peg rail will feel genuinely handcrafted, not simply manufactured. This all contributes to a handmade aesthetic that every piece which leaves the workshop will possess. Every item made by Beaufort & Dunham is unique in its own small way.

The ultimate goal here is for you to love any purchase that you make. The testimonials below and through the link will hopefully reassure you that you will.

Many thanks for visiting.

Frequently asked questions.

How long will my order take?

The current lead time is 7 weeks. This is, we appreciate, extremely high at present and is primarily due to fluctuating timber supply issues.


There is also the issue of covid. It's something we've adjusted to living with but it does have an impact on the business. 

Your patience will be much appreciated.

What are the shelves made from?

All the shelves and peg rails are made from (increasingly hard to get!) FSC Scandinavian Pine. In a nutshell this means that the wood can be traced to its point of origin. This is important. The wood we use is an expensive material, this is reflected in our prices and it's never been more important to be aware, and care about where things come from. The marketplace is awash with cheap furniture and home accessories made from wood that is grown or felled with little or no regard to the impact its production has on the environment. We care, and are happy to be more expensive.

The most significant benefit of the timber we use is that it is a strong, high quality material that will last a lifetime. Just like the shelves.

How would we describe our shelves? 

Handmade, a little rustic, but elegant.

What paint do we use?

We use a high grade paint from Finland. You can have your shelves painted in a satin or eggshell finish. All of the shelving has a minimum of three coats of paint applied by hand, it isn't sprayed. It's important that all our products have a handmade aesthetic, not simply a manufactured one.

Do we ship to Europe?

Yes. Only products up to 140cm though. Get in touch and we can give you a shipping quote.

Do we make shelves over 2.2 meters in width?

Indeed. They are supplied in sections, if you would like to find out more just send us a message.

How are the shelves fixed to a wall?

Brass mirror plates are fitted to all of the shelves we make. They are small, strong and make mounting the shelves straight forward. A spirit level and a drill are needed. The mirror plates make marking the fixing point easy, the correct fixing types for the wall in question are then needed. These aren't supplied as a judgement is required (yours, or the person fitting the shelf) as to what is the most appropriate fixing size and type for the wall. We are happy to point you in the right direction though. Fitting these shelves really isn't difficult, mirror plates are fitted because they making things as easy as possible, but it is important that it's done properly.

Our bookshelves have an additional wooden strip that runs between the brackets. This serves as another point through which wall fixings can be driven.

Customer Comments

" The shelves. Love them! Thank you! "

   Peter  -   Bucks

" Hi Mr Dunham!  The peg rail is so beautiful! Thank you "

   Silvia   -   Lake Como

" I wanted to say thank you very much for my plate rack which arrived safely. It's just what I           wanted and am very happy with the finished result, I think it looks great and indeed it has     received many complements "

  Menna   -   Devon

" The shelf arrived safe and sound, looks fabulous and the colour is even nicer than I expected "

   Martin   -   Leyland

" Thanks so much for my plate rack, it is amazing, I love it! "

    Julie   -   West Bridgford

" Just to let you know I received my peg rail yesterday and am absolutely over the moon with     it, it is exactly what I was looking for "

   Michelle   -   Carlisle

B&D also have an Etsy shop. For up to date customer reviews please feel free to follow this link to our Etsy storefront.


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