Peg Rails
Peg rails are an incredibly practical way of introducing attractive additional storage capacity into any space. In the correct size they are perfect for use as coat racks, for hanging mugs or kitchen utensils, for organising baby paraphernalia in a nursery and a multitude of other applications.

You can choose between 21mm thick Pine or 25mm Caberwood. Please see 'About us' to learn the difference between the two materials and to help you select the correct shelf for your needs.

Wooden Peg Rails
Handmade from 21mm Scandinavian Redwood Pine with Beech or Oak pegs, painted or unpainted. All our peg rails are fabricated to exact bespoke sizes and can be painted in any colour.


Caberwood Peg Rails
Our handmade Caberwood peg rails are actually comprised of three different timber types. The shelves and brackets are 25mm Caberwood with Redwood Pine used for the peg boards and Beech or Oak pegs. This material is also used for extra long extended peg rails and corner peg rail designs.