Standard Wooden Bookshelves
  • Standard Wooden Bookshelves


    These shelves are availble in all our bracket designs and feature a 4cm strip that runs between the brackets. Books are heavy and this strip provides extra support to the shelves, and is a point at which additional fixings can be used if required.  Although well suited for books, this type of shelf is perfect for use anywhere in the home where heavier objects need to be displayed or stored.


    Available in any single length up to 220cm. Central brackets are fitted as standard on all shelves over 150cm. Made from 21mm FSC certified Scandinavian pine. You can order bookshelves over 220cm in length, these come in two sections and join over a central bracket. Either contact us to order, or purchase the two lengths that you need here and leave a note on checkout requesting that they join.


    Depths available:  14.5cm / 17cm/ 19.5cm 

    Wall fittings: Brass plates fitted to the rear of the shelf. These are small, strong and make the shelf easy to install.


    To order your shelf simply follow the steps below:


    1. Select the size band that captures the width of shelf that you want, you can let us know the exact width on checkout.


    2. Choose the depth of shelf you would like.


    3. Select the paint option. All our standard satin paint options are listed on the Paint page, these are no cost options. Non standard paints (ie your own choice that doesn't appear on the paint options page) cost an additional £18. You only need to let us know the exact colour you want when you get to the checkout.


    By clicking on the link 'SIZE & COLOUR' there is the option to then leave a note detailing the width you require and to add the colour you want to your order.


    Remember to let us know the exact width you need and your choice of colour in a note when you get to your Shopping Cart page. If you need any help ordering or need more information just send us a message as we would love to hear from you!