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Vintage Shelf

Vintage Shelf

PriceFrom £205.00

This shelving unit is a retro desin inspired by 1950's kitchen fittings. Suitable for storing mugs, large Kilner jars and anything inbetween. It also has a rail for hanging tea towels.


If the size on offer doesn't work  you can have a bespoke unit made to order, just let us know the dimensions you require and you'll be sent a quote. These shelves can be painted in any of our standard colours for no additional cost or in a different colour of your choice which isn't on the list for an additional fee. 


Height - 61 cm

Depth - 18 cm

Width - 54.5 cm

Top shelf depth - 17cm

Middle shelf depth - 17cm (24cm clearance to top shelf above)

Bottom shelf depth  - 12cm (17cm clearance to middle shelf above)


  • You can have this product painted in any colour from our 'standard' paint list for free.
  • All other olours are 'non standard' and are subject to an additional £25 fee.
  • Just let us know your choice when ordering.
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