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Corner shelving

All our large shelves and peg rails (hanging rail shelves and solid pine shelves are excluded) can be ordered in a corner format, 

All shelving ordered with a corner joint requires assembly on site, a pot of extra paint is supplied so that touching up can be done after installation.

Corner shelves and peg rails are fabricated to 90 degrees, there is a strong probability that your intended corner of installation isn't a perfect right angle. The result will be that once the two parts of a corner shelf are coupled together in position, there may well be a gap somewhere along the joint. This isn't a problem in itself and won't affect the integrity of the shelf, but it will require some cosmetic attention in the form of either sanding and or filling the gap with some widely available fine surface filler. Extra paint is supplied to touch up the joint post installation. A considerable amount of time has been spent working out the best way to supply corner products as such things have traditionally been installed on site by joiners / carpenters. If you are happy to undertake the additional small effort of securing the joints then your efforts will be well rewarded.

To buy a corner shelf add two shelves to your cart and a corner joint product. When giving the measurements you need, please measure from the corner outwards for each shelf.

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