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What are current lead times?

Orders generally take 8-12 weeks to fulfill. This can change though, sometimes it can be significantly less. The workshop shuts over Christmas so lead times for orders placed at the the end of the year tend to be higher. Current lead times are always posted on the home page. 

I've ordered a product but haven't heard from you!

Don't worry. You will have received an order confirmation email which means that your order is in our system and will be fabricated. Once your order is ready we'll just ship it, ideally on or before the lead time at the point of order. Sometimes it can take longer though, we do rely on customers being patient.

If you are unable to be patient, please don't order anything.


If you are going to require constant updates, please don't order anything. Your order will be completed and delivered, long lead times are generally part of ordering a bespoke product, if you don't have the patience for this then please don't make a purchase as it saves a lot of unnecessary frustration.

You are unlikely to be contacted in the intervening period between order and dispatch the aim is to focus on producing quality products rather than emailing. Responding to unnecessary emails routinely cost one working day per week, which has been a huge drain on the business.  


When your order has been booked in with our couriers, Parcelforce, you'll be sent a shipping email containing your tracking number. It may be that the tracking number doesn't work immediately, or even for a couple of days, it depends on when the parcels are being collected from the workshop or dropped of at the local depot.

There is very little signal in the workshop so calls can rarely be taken

How far are the brackets from the ends of the shelves?

This entirely depends on the size and depth of the shelf or peg rail. For smaller items the distance is typically 6 cm, for larger items it can be  9 cm.

How many pegs will my peg rail have?

This depends entirely on the length. Pegs are divided into the length of the peg rail (between the brackets) on the basis of a gap of between 12 cm and 15 cm between pegs.

What is the height of the brackets?

This is determined by the depth of the shelf, please see the 'Brackets' page.

How are the shelves fixed to the wall?

All shelves are fixed using discrete brass coloured steel plates which are screwed into the rear edge of the shelf. These are small but extremely strong and help to make installation simple. 

Please see our installation guide.

What is your returns policy?

If your shelving arrives damaged, we will arrange to either have it picked up and repair it, send a new item out to you, or send out a small tester pot of paint in the event of minor damage to paintwork. If none of these options work for you then we will fully refund your purchase.

If you receive your order and you've changed your mind then we will have your item collected and refund you 80% of the purchase price minus the actual cost of delivery and collection. which will be charged at £17 each way for items under 140 cm in length and £27 for all items over 140 cm.

Our Products

When you buy a Beaufort & Dunham product you are purchasing something that is specifically handmade for you. A great alternative to cupboards, our simple traditional open shelving designs are a wonderful way to display or store and are perfect for use throughout the home. Our console tables are useful just about anywhere, especially over radiators. All our products are made to order and the paint applied by brush. Our aim is to craft products that have a handmade yet sophisticated aesthetic.

The shelves we make are fabricated from two material types, these are Redwood Pine timber and a furniture grade hardwood ply. The top of the standard bookshelves and brackets are made from hardwood ply as it is a uniform material that retains its shape, the strip that runs between the brackets, including pegboards, is solid Pine. This offers additional support and rigidity and also serves as a secure point through which fixings can be driven. The slimline shelves are all solid Pine.


All of our shelves are broadly available in six bracket types highlighted below, these designs are either entirely our own or inspired by antique originals. 


All our shelves are strong and can bear significant weight if installed correctly. Please see the installation guide. Bookshelves are recommended for cookware and large items.

Central brackets are fitted as standard on all shelves over 150 cm and on all hanging rail shelves over 110 cm.  


Shelves and peg rails can be ordered in any of our standard eggshell paints. For an additional fee of £25 per order we can paint your items in pretty much any colour you like. We use a special furniture paint from Finland which can be mixed to match any of the common brand's colours. The manufacturer's paint ingredient codes are used to mix the paints ensuring an essentially perfect match.

You can order any of our products in an undercoat only and use your own paint at home, just request 'undercoat' when prompted to choose your colour of choice.

For customers who require a specific exacting match to the tone of existing fixtures we recommend ordering your items in an undercoat and using the same paint that was used on the area that needs to be matched.


Large shelves and peg rails are supplied with pre drilled fixing points trough the strip that runs between the brackets, painted caps are supplied which hide the fixing points post installation. Screws are provided but you may need to source a fixing (screw and wall plug) appropriate for use on your wall type.

Solid pine shelves are supplied with discrete steel fixing plates which need to be screwed into pre drilled positions along the rear edge of the shelf. Wall screws are not supplied.

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