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How To Order

You can order any of the products we make in an exact size to fit your available space perfectly, and we will paint your order in the colour of your choice be it a standard colour or something different.

We have tried to make ordering as simple as possible. If you want to go straight to our full list of products go to the 'our wooden shelving' page and our Caberwood shelving page.


We use two different types of material, natural timber and, for our largest shelves, a timber composite called Caberwood, it's worth taking a look at the 'about our products' page to understand the difference between the two. The timber (Pine) shelving is 21 mm thick and available in depths up to 21.5 cm, the Caberwood shelving is 25 mm thick and available in depths up to 25 cm.


In essence all you need to do to order is to choose your product type, eg shelving or peg rails, choose the material and then click through the relevant images until you reach a product page , typically showing the different bracket designs of the shelving type you're interested in. 


Once on a product page you will need to select a length range, this is effectively a pricing band for the shelving. For instance, if you want a 210 cm shelf then you need to select the 201 - 220 cm band. Once you have chosen a length range you will then need to choose a shelf depth, this is the distance it protrudes from the wall. The depths available vary from product to product.

The next step is to specify the exact length you need the item made to. Just leave a note stating the length  (in cm) in the text box along with any other information you may want to give us. 

Having given the depth and length there is then the option to tell us which paint colour you would like the item painted in. All our standard no cost paints are listed on the paint page, remember there are satin and eggshell options to choose from.

If you are wanting your order painted in a non standard colour then simply leave the text box empty and add a non standard paint product to your cart. You will be prompted to leave details of the colour you want. Non standard paint product links can be found at the bottom of most product group pages.

And that's it. Choose your material, your product, the bracket design, specify an exact length and then choose a colour. If you find yourself needing any help just send us a message through the contact page.

Optional Extras

There are additional options that you can add to your order. These are listed below and can be clicked on and added to your order here, they can also be found at the bottom of all the product pages. 

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