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Bespoke Beaufort Hallway & Radiator Cover Tables

Bespoke Beaufort Hallway & Radiator Cover Tables

PriceFrom £223.00

Perfect for hallways, alcoves or areas where space is at a premium, these bespoke tables are handmade to order in the size of your choice.


The tables are designed with two legs and require fixing to a wall, brackets are supplied, the legs are supplied unattached and simply slot into place prior to installation. 


If you intend to place your console table over a radiator then please order a table AT LEAST 25 cm longer than the radiator and 7 cm higher than the radiator. To calculate the minimum depth of the table measure the distance from the wall to the front of the radiator and add 9 cm. These are minimum allowances. You can of course increase the size of your table beyond these. If you don't add these allowances to the size of the radiator then your table is unlikely to fit and/or installation will be problematic. A tight fit is not desirable as room needs to be left for the heat from the radiator to circulate. 


If you can't find the depth you need then something can be made to meet your requirements, just let us know.

  • Standard height 78 cm - this can be increased anywhere up to 100cm upon request
  • These handmade tables feature gently tapered legs which simply slot into place prior to installation.
  • Central legs are fitted on all tables over 180 cm.
  • Metal brackets are supplied through which the table can be secured to a wall.
  • If you wish to place lamps on your table, a cable slot/slots can be requested along the rear edge. This allows cables to be neatly tucked away behind the table and not left to spill over the edge,
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