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Traditional Hanging Rail Shelves

Traditional Hanging Rail Shelves

PriceFrom £151.00

These large hanging rail shelves come in a standard depth of 20 cm and are 25 mm thick solid pieces of wall furniture which are great additions to any kitchen.

The rail is 12mm diameter solid brass.

They are secured to the wall via large masonry screws (supplied) which are placed through pre drilled fixing points, painted caps are supplied to hide the screws from sight.


Depth - 20 cm - other depths are avilable on request

Length - bespoke, made to any length you need up to a maximum of 220cm.

Painted in any colour

  • Made from 25 mm thick hardwood ply and Pine.
  • Central brackets are fitted on all shelves over 150 cm in length
  • Fitted with 7.5 cm pegs which are suitable for hanging multiple coats and heavy items.
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